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The office of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee services parties in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases in the Eastern District of Missouri. The Trustee accepts queries regarding case status by mail or by phone; contact information is shown below. The Trustee will not respond to requests for information via e-mail.

The Trustee's office cannot provide legal advice. If you are a debtor in Chapter 13 who needs advice about your Chapter 13 case, please contact your attorney for assistance.

Contact Us
Office Hours: 8:30AM - 4:00PM Monday through Friday
Correspondence Address: Diana S. Daugherty
Chapter 13 Trustee
P.O. Box 430908
St. Louis, MO 63143
PAYMENT Address: Diana S. Daugherty
Chapter 13 Trustee
P.O. Box 2112
Memphis, TN 38101-2112
Phone: (314)781-8100
Fax: (314)781-8881
Questions about ePay:


THE CHAPTER 13 TRUSTEE'S OFFICE WILL NEVER CONTACT YOU BY TEXT, TELEPHONE OR EMAIL REGARDING PAYMENTS. The only ways to make payments to the Trustee are through the TFS or e-Pay websites or by sending a paper instrument to the Trustee's Memphis post office box. The Trustee does NOT maintain her own payment website. If you have a payment account with TFS and elect to receive text reminders, TFS may send messages reminding you that a payment is due or advising you that a payment was returned for insufficient funds, but any link in such a message would take you to the TFS login page.

If you receive a suspicious text, email or telephone call regarding your Chapter 13 case, please contact the Chapter 13 Trustee's office or your attorney.

Zoom Link for 341 Meetings

If you have a 341 meeting scheduled to be conducted via Zoom, use the link below to join the meeting at the scheduled date and time.

*** Zoom 341 Meeting -- Click Here to Join ***

Online Payment Options

The Trustee offers two options for submitting Chapter 13 plan payments online.

The TFS System allows debtors to submit payments online, schedule regular payments, make cash payments at MoneyGram locations, and more.

Click here to go to the TFS web site.

The Trustee's ePay system also allows debtors to submit payments online.

Click here for more information and to submit payments via ePay.

Interest Rate Change

The interest rate for secured claims in the Eastern District of Missouri changes to 10.00% effective 1/1/2024.

Financial Education Course

The Trustee has received approval to participate in the Trustee Education Network's program offering an online financial education course meeting the education requirement for debtors in Chapter 13.

The web site for the class is:

The Trustee's Trustee identification number for the class is TEN13022. Please see the flyer linked below for more information.

Click Here to view the flyer.
Regarding Requests for Plan Balance Amounts...

The trustee will provide a figure to pay the balance of a case as required by law only on request of debtor's counsel and only to the person as requested by debtor's counsel. However, with the proper authorization to a lending institution, the figure to pay the balance of a case as required by law will be provided to the designated institution if debtor's counsel has a motion to refinance or incur debt pending.

Delinquency Information on the Trustee's web site.

The Trustee's office offers delinquency information on active cases through this web site. Users should be aware that this information is offered for your convenience, but the Trustee offers no guarantee of currency or accuracy. Generally, information on active cases should be accurate within two days of receipts and payment due dates. Nevertheless, in order to obtain the most current and accurate delinquent amount, users should calculate the debtor's delinquency themselves using the plan terms and the Trustee's record of receipts. Please note that delinquency information on dismissed or converted cases is NOT offered. Users seeking delinquency information for dismissed cases must calculate the delinquent amount manually, or call the Trustee's office for assistance.

Access to Chapter 13 case information is available online to parties in interest who have read and completed the access agreement available on this page. Interested parties should download and complete the access agreement. Please contact the office for more information.

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