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Information for Creditors

The links below provide resources useful to creditors in Chapter 13 cases in the Eastern District of Missouri.

EFT Disbursements

Use the form below to request to receive disbursements from the Chapter 13 Trustee electronically.

Creditor EFT Authorization Form

Access Case Information Online

Use the link below to download the Online Access Agreement required for obtaining access to case information through the Trustee's web site. Note that the original copy of the completed Access Agreement must be mailed to the Trustee by regular mail in order for your account to be authorized and credentials provided.

Online Access Agreement

Disbursement Vouchers

Disbursement Vouchers are available online from the National Data Center or on the Trustee's website. On the Trustee's website, after login, in the Main Page search box, you can now search for check numbers by prefixing a pound sign to the check number. In addition, in the claim detail, creditor detail, and payment listing for any case, the check numbers for which a voucher is available will appear as hyperlinks which display the associated voucher in a new window. The voucher display includes a link to a version of the voucher as comma-separated values suitable for import into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

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